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Here are some of the most common questions we get about our used wine barrels
Where do your barrels come from?

We purchase our retired barrels from multiple brokers via California.

Will my barrel/furniture smell like wine?

We purchase the barrels immediately after they are drained, so they smell strongly of wine upon receipt.  However the smell dissipates over time.

Can my products be stored outdoors?

Yes!  However the life of the barrel will increase significantly if you purchased one of our stained barrels.  Also you can improve the life of your barrel by applying a Polyurethane coating or two.  It is also recommended to keep the barrel in a covered location protected from the elements.

Will the bands ever fall off my barrel?

If you purchased a raw barrel, then the wood will shrink over time due to the aging process which will sometimes cause a band to fall off.  You can simply apply back in place with a small nail.  Also, you can fill your barrel with water for 2 days to stretch the wood back out, but then drain fully.

If you purchased a smoker or furniture, then we pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship.  We have taken steps to securely fasten the bands and they will not fall off.

Are the barrels available for wine/beer storage?

The current shipment of barrels is not suitable for storage of any kind of beverage safely.

What is the type of wood on the barrel?


What is the size of the barrel?

The barrels are 59 gallons, and range from approximately 22.25″ – 23.5″ width on the top and bottom rings.  The middle of the barrel is approximately 26”at it’s widest point, and the height ranges from 34” to 38” with an average of 36”.

Are the barrels stained?

In many cases yes they are stained from red wine.  However this can be removed via sanding, and it is recommended you apply a stain and polyurethane protective coating thereafter.

Can I get a discount on my purchase?

We provide a 10% discount for 10+ barrels, and 15% for 20+ barrels.

Will my stained barrel look exactly like the one on your website?

We follow a careful craftsmanship process to produce our stained barrels.  However every barrel has its’ own wood characteristics which may cause a slight change in color.

Can you deliver the barrels to me?

Yes, in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.  Price dependent on mileage so please just ask for a quote.